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Other Support
Welcome to Able University -- knowledge is power. There are a number of great support organizations that can help you understand your disability and deal with recovery.

Related Web Sites

Health News

CNN Health
Yahoo Health News
Harvard World Health
Reuters Health News
BBC Health News
Alternative Health News

Healthcare Providers

The Mayo Clinic- nutrition, drugs, diseases and conditions.
AARP Health and Wellness- stay healthy your whole life.
Johns Hopkins University- research, education, and patient care site.

Internet Resources

Dr. a wealth of information about health and staying healthy.
Web a good online resource.
Dealing with Disabilities- a good overview of emotional and social issues.
New Balance Web Express- Info on Foot Health.

Government Websites

National Institute of Health- US Government website covering health, grants, science, and clinical trials.
Healthfinder- official government aid to getting the right answers to your health questions.
World Health Organization- the WHO is the international group promoting world health.
US Dept of Health and Human Services- more information on health and disease.
   Knowledge really is power. Learn all you can about your situation. If you have questions, call us. We're here to help.
   Rely on experts to guide you through new areas.
   Always maintain a positive attitude. You can and will make progress if you believe it's possible.


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