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Able Health Products is proud to offer one of the best product selections in the business. This is just a sampling of what we have. Call us at (888) 834-4325! Let's talk about your needs and let us help you find something that's right for you and your situation.

  Motorized Scooters
Power Wheel Chairs
Lift Chairs
Stair Glides
Orthotics / Braces
Canes and Walkers
Oxygen Therapy
Low Air Loss Therapy

Motorized Scooters Back to Top  

Full mobility is what these scooters are all about. Go the places you want to go. These top quality scooters will get you there reliably, and with a little bit of style to boot.

Call Able Now - Toll Free
Our number is (888) 834-4325
and learn about how you can be on your way to your own scooter.


Power Wheel Chairs Back to Top  

Jazzy 1101
There are a lot of chairs in the market today - but we haven't found any to be more popular than the Jazzy Power Chair line up. The versatility and power of these units is amazing.

Call Able Now - Toll Free
Our number is (888) 834-4325
for a consultation on a power chair that's right for your needs.

Jazzy 1120 Hiback

Power Lift Chairs Back to Top  

Model 48
We have many Lift Chairs to choose from - you pick the style you want; the rest is easy. We'll work with you to select a chair that goes with your decor and provides the reliability you need!

Call Toll Free - (888) 834-4325 and ask about our huge selection of chairs.

Model 580

Wheel Chairs Back to Top  

Nutron 51
Nutron 51- a chair that's
  • powerful
  • light
  • economical
  • reliable
  • Nutron 32- a chair that's
  • affordable
  • light
  • economical
  • reliable

  • Nutron 32

    Stair Glides Back to Top  

    Electra-RideTM Series
    by Bruno
    We feature industry leaders in stair lifts - like Bruno. These units let you go up and down stairs effortlessly, anytime you want. Bruno sets itself apart from other manufacturers. Unlike ordinary chain or cable driven stairlifts, their units use a rack and pinion system, so there's no slipping or lurching when the unit stops and starts. Your ride is always smooth and controlled. Your installer can even set the speed of the unit to suit your personal comfort level. Battery operation assures you of access between floors even if an electrical outage occurs -- The unit charges automatically when it is parked both at the top or bottom of the stairway.

    Call Able today - Toll Free - (888) 834-4325 - and talk with us about your custom stair glide installation today.

    Orthotics / Braces Back to Top  
    We carry a full line of Orthotics and Braces that will address any need you have. Our inventory includes back braces, orthotic pillows, leg and knee braces, just to name a few -- from manufacturers that are leaders in the field - Obus 4, Camp, and Smith & Nephew.

    Call Us Toll Free Today on (888) 834-4325. We'll listen to what you need and then show you the Able Health Products advantage!

    Walkers Back to Top  

    Delta 3-Wheel Walker
    The Delta 3 Wheel Walker is a great way to get into a walker without spending a lot. Delta means you'll me getting a quality product. Those big wheels on the Excel 4-Wheel Walker let the bumps in the road go by unnoticed. Call Us Toll Free - (888) 834-4325 and let us set you up with the walker that's right for you today.

    Excel 4-Wheel Walker

    Oxygen Therapy Back to Top  

    Venture Home Fill
    Venture Home Fill compressors put top quality oxygen therapy within everyone's reach. These systems are light, so they can be transported by most anyone.

    There's no longer any reason for anyone to be without the oxygen system they need!

    Canes Back to Top  

    Quad Cane
    by Invacare
    Think all canes are the same? Don't make that mistake. We have a wide variety of canes including adjustable aluminum and quad canes. Call Us Toll Free - (888) 834-4325 and see the difference the experts at Able Health Products can make!

    "Derby" by

    Folding Cane
    by Mountain

    Nebulizers Back to Top  

    by DeVilbiss
    Whether you need a portable on stay-at-home aerosol compressor, there is a solution for you. Let Able put their experience to work for you! Call Us Toll Free - (888) 834-4325 - and talk with us today.

    "Envoy" by

    Low Air Loss Therapy Back to Top  

    microAIR 3500S
    by Invacare
    The Invacare microAIR 3500S(TM) portable low air loss therapy system is a portable that gives the patient pressure relief while maintaining skin moisture. Ulcer patients can benefit immediately from this system.

    The air pump is extremely quiet -- all you hear is a slight breeze. This disguises the real power of these systems.

    Call Us Toll Free - (888) 834-4325 - and talk with us today about a Low Air Loss system that can provide the comfort you need.


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